Dr. Vidyapati Mangunkusumo, SpM(K)

Dr. Vidyapati Mangunkusumo, Sp.M(K)

President INASCRS II  (1996 - 2003)

Vidyapati Mangunkusumo, MD is presently a full time Opthalmologist practicing in Jakarta Eye Center. Serving as a Refractive and Cataract Surgeon since 1993 at Jakarta Eye Center. Graduated from University of Indonesia in 1976, he is an experienced cataract surgeon with various techniques In 1987 he had additional training at Oogziekenhuis, Rotterdam, Ne-therland for corneal transplantation and performed LASIK surgery since 1997 at Jakarta Eye Center.

He was formerly as Teaching Staff at the Departement of Opthalmology, Medical School, University of Indonesia, Jakarta between 1972–2011. He had presented papers mainly concerning Refraction. He also experienced in leading many International Scientific Opthalmo-logy Meeting and directed various Phacoemulsification Courses in Indonesia. At present his main interest is Premium IOL implantation for Cataract and Refractive surgery